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The subconscious mind is the most powerful component for change in our lives. The problem is, for most of us, our mind was programmed with negative ideas early in our childhood that limit us at a subconscious level. At Sleep Subliminal, we have designed powerful sleep time subliminal sessions that can rewrite old mental programming and reinforce new positive beliefs.

conscious mind

40 bits of information per second processing power.

subconscious mind

20 000 000 bits of information per second processing power

why choose us?

When you are drifting off to sleep, your mind enters into a state called “Theta” which leaves you open to receiving new information at the subconscious level, where 95% percent of your thoughts and actions come from. At Sleep Subliminal, we have specifically designed our premium high-quality studio recordings to penetrate the subconscious mind and create positive change in your life all while you sleep.

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Custom Subliminal Sessions

Our team is dedicated to showcasing the power of your subconscious mind. With our Mind Master Gold, Silver, and Bronze recordings it’s all about the details. We create a customized recording with personal goals and ideas just for you, which will amplify your sessions to an even greater level.

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