1.) Can I listen to these in the daytime ?

Absolutely! Your mind is always recording information at the subconscious level, but it is most receptive at the Theta State

2.) How long does it take to start noticing change?

Everyone is different. Some may notice changes happening the next day. While others may notice changes weeks or months later depending on how your beliefs are programmed.

3.) I have a serious illness. Do you guarantee a healing?

No, we cannot guarantee a healing. If you are experiencing a major illness, we recommend using the subliminal audios as well as working with your doctor.

4.) I ordered a Mind Master recording. How long will it take till I receive my recording ?

We guarantee that you receive your Mind Master Recording within 2 business days of your purchase.

5.) Do I need to use headphones while listening to this ?

No. We have designed our recordings purposefully without the use of binaural beats so you can listen to the file in any way.

6.) Can I listen to these sessions while driving ?

We recommend not listening to the recordings while driving.

7.) Am I able to choose any white noise sound I want if I purchase the Mind Master Recordings?

Yes. With our Mind Master Mp3’s you can choose any white noise background sound you wish.

8.) How long do I have to listen to the file for ?

Although after a period of time your subconscious mind will accept a new idea, that does not stop new information from reaching your subconscious mind on a daily basis. Just as it is programmed with new positive information it is possible to program it again with negative information.